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Our Pledge

We believe in a world that can be more sustainable



According to a United Nations University report in 2019, 50 million tonnes of e-waste is dumped annually into the ground or piled up on top of it. And by 2030, Statistica has predicted that this trend will generate nearly 75 million metric tonnes of e-waste – an increase of approximately 30% since 2019.
Electrical and electronic waste can contain hazardous heavy metals, when it's incinerated or taken to landfill it can pollute the air, ground and surface water, poisoning land and sea animals, and finding its way into crops and drinking water.


The Problem

E-waste is now the world’s fastest growing domestic waste stream, and this problem is not going to solve itself. With only 17.4% of e-waste known to be collected and properly recycled, we’re taking a stand and helping businesses like yours with their e-waste management to go greener and protect our planet.

Landfill Stinks

Nearly a third of UK's largest businesses pledge to icon-end their contribution to pollution by 2050.


People from the inside out play a massive role in what we do as a business. 

When taking care of your company’s tech, we make sure your data is protected and wipe everything safely and securely before your tech is added back to your stock or recycled.

Alternatively, if you decide to resell your tech, we encourage you to donate some of your profit share to a local or national cause of your choice or any that we support or are partnered with.


At BornGood, we believe in a world that can be more sustainable.

As our services align most with SDG 12 UN goals, you know we do more than just reduce your carbon footprint when you partner with us. 

All tech collected is repurposed, recycled, resold or donated – reducing land, sea and air pollution, ensuring we're conserving natural resources, reducing carbon output and shaping a circular vision for electronics.


As well as helping the planet, BornGood pledges to help your pockets too.

Not only do we reduce costs wherever we can on our end, we also help lower and offset costs when you choose to repurpose or rely on us to take care of your company’s tech. 

We also help businesses like yours gain profit, as the products you resell with us are sold on our web store, and the money made is split between us.

Certified in caring for people and planet


Help tackle digital poverty with our initiative Donate Digital

We launched the Donate Digital initiative with Northumbrian Water and in partnership with Laptops For Kids to help tackle digital poverty. With us, you can do good for the community and donate your tech to those who need it most.

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